Air conditioning rentals by ICL

UK wide portable air conditioner hire

If you’re in need of temporary air conditioning rentals it is important that you opt for a unit supplied and delivered by a professional air conditioning company.

The chances are that if you’re looking up air conditioner rentals, you’re planning to rent an air conditioner to cool a public space.

Perhaps the air conditioning system in your office building is broken. Maybe you are staging a large event and constructing a temporary event space.

Whether it’s a school, a shop or a convention centre you need a reliable, safe piece of equipment that will work as it’s supposed to. Your air conditioning rental needs to be optimally positioned and you’ll need to know who you can reach out to in case of a problem.

Thankfully ICL has portable air conditioners for hire in close proximity to most parts of the UK.

We have mobile units stored in many major cities from London to Newcastle, as well as a professional team on hand to deliver them to wherever you are.

Commercial and domestic air conditioning rentals

If you need to rent an air conditioner for your home, that’s absolutely fine too. ICL installs, repairs, services and rents to both commercial and domestic customers.

Whatever your requirement for air conditioning rentals, simply contact us to explain your circumstances and receive a quote, plus details of availability in your area.

Why use ICL for portable air conditioner hire?

Our trained, skilled team of air conditioning engineers have been working on jobs large and small for over 20 years now, up and down the country.

If you come to ICL for air conditioning rentals a member or members of that same team will attend your premises to set up your rental unit and explain all you need to know in order to operate it safely.

Due to our nationwide reach the chances are that we will have a portable air conditioner for hire in your area, that can be delivered quickly if need be.
We offer a comprehensive service and take as much pride in our work if we are hiring out a temporary unit as we do when we are installing a full system in a high profile business.