Signs you need a new air conditioning system

When to call Invirochoice

Air conditioning in the UK is often not as heavily relied upon as it is in other countries with hotter climates. For this reason, with proper maintenance your air conditioning system could last you a relatively long time. Of course, no air conditioning unit will last forever.

Here we will document for you a few signs that your air conditioning system may need to be replaced. If you feel that your unit could be in need of replacement, simply get in touch. We operate throughout the UK and are able to service, repair or replace air conditioning systems.

When your air conditioning system is over 10 years old

Even air conditioning in the UK has a shelf life. If you have been consistently using your unit for 10-15 years then the chances are that you are due a replacement quite soon. The good news is that if you have a still functioning unit that is coming to the end of its useful life, the air conditioner price you will pay to replace it doesn’t need to come as a shock. Price up a replacement unit now so that you can budget for the expenditure.

When your old unit requires an expensive repair

Air conditioner prices vary but it is rarely cost effective to make a large, expensive repair to an old unit. If your air conditioning system has broken down gather comparison quotes and take the advice of an engineer.

If your air conditioning feels ineffective

Have you noticed that, this summer, even with the air conditioning set to the same level it was at last year it isn’t doing the same job? Perhaps you have already had an engineer out, maybe even more than once, and even a repair job hasn’t solved the problem for long. That is a sure sign that it’s time to think about installing a new air conditioning system.

When your old air conditioning system is taking its toll on your utility bills

Have you ever checked the impact that your old air conditioning unit is having on your utility bills? If you use it a lot, particularly if it is reaching the end of its useful life anyway, it could be a good idea to invest in an updated, more energy efficient system.

If something just doesn’t seem right, have it checked

Whether you feel that you need a new system or not, if your AC isn’t functioning as it should, have it checked. If you notice strange noises or odours coming from it, have it checked. We install, maintain and repair air conditioning in UK homes and businesses and we’re here for whatever you need.