It’s Time To Upgrade Your Air Conditioning!

Samsung have recently released the worlds first true circular air conditioning cassette with an innovative 360 degree airflow. This ensures optimal air conditioning which also eliminates dead zones.

CAC 360 Cassette

Available Capacities (Btu/h) – 18,000/24,000/30,000/36,000/42,000/48,000




360 Air Flow

360 degree directional wind coming out from circular heat exchanger can deliver air evenly throughout every corner in any space. Supplying 360 degree, even airflow, reduces hot and cold spots in the space providing ultimate comfort.



Air volume interference is decreased from 25% to zero by removing air blades or louvers. Air direction and even flow is accomplished with small internal booster fans. Air direction is controlled by creating an area of low pressure with the booster fans near the air outlet causing the supply air to change angle. This is the first indoor unit that uses the Coanda effect to control discharge air without the use of blades or louvers.


Circular LED Display Window

Circular LED display windows graphically visualize the operation mode of horizontal or vertical.