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At ICL we offer a car air conditioning recharge/re-gas service in Liverpool.

Due to cars losing up to 10% of their refrigerant gas every year it doesn’t take long before a cars air conditioning system starts to play up. All that is needed is a simple recharge and it will be back to perfect working order. Most car manufacturers recommend the air conditioning in your car gets recharged every 2 years because it doesn’t come as part of a standard service.

If you require an air conditioning recharge for your car in Liverpool give us a call on 07912 691 713 and we’ll arrange an appointment.

air conditioning installation liverpool

Starting off with an air conditioning installation service in Liverpool ICL has quickly expanded to offering a national installation service. We now have engineers based in most major cities across the UK, including Newcastle, Manchester and London.

With experienced, knowledgeable staff and specialised equipment, we are able to bring you the best possible service, without compromising on price. We aim to deliver excellent results and cost-effective pricing, which has allowed us to become the recommended choice for air conditioning installation in the UK.

We use the most cutting-edge air conditioning equipment from the best brands in the business such as Daikin, Samsung, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Toshiba and Fujitsu.

If you require an air conditioning installation please visit our contact page for information on how to contact us, or give us a call on 0151 521 4476.

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Vacuum Cooling

ICL now offer a Vacuum Cooling service. Vacuum Coolers are mainly used on farms as they can rapidly cool down fruit & veg, dramatically increasing their shelf life.

If you would like to learn more about Vacuum Cooling then please visit our dedicated Vacuum Cooling site.

cellar cooler liverpool


ICL installs a wide range of refrigeration systems for all types of beer and wine cellar. These systems range from cost-effective to high performance. If you’re a pub owner or a large pub chain we’ll have a system for you.
If you’re interested in a cellar cooler or have any questions give us a call on 0151 521 4476

air conditioning maintenance liverpool

ICL Started off providing air conditioning maintenance in Liverpool but quickly expanded to most major cities including London, Newcastle and Manchester, now we offer a full national maintenance service anywhere in the UK.

Unlike most other air conditioning companies in the UK we can provide a no-contract maintenance service, we believe that our maintenance service is so good that we don’t need to tie our customers into a contract. This can be helpful for homes and small businesses who would rather have the freedom of paying-as-they-go, instead of opting in to an expensive contract.


Maintenance is where we can be of great benefits to our clients. Good, regular maintenance ensures that your air conditioning will work when you need it most and will keep on working through the years. Over time we have refined our maintenance procedures to ensure that:

  • The equipment we maintain keeps on working to provide comfortable conditions for your staff, clients and visitors. In the case of computer rooms, we can help maintain a temperature-controlled environment for your valuable equipment.
  • The air conditioning equipment’s efficiency is maximised and its life cycle extended.
  • Any breakdowns are reduced to a minimum.

To achieve the above we take a systematic approach to maintenance, which includes:

  • Carrying out the maintenance to a high standard, in compliance with our thorough, yet practical, equipment maintenance schedules.
  • Carrying out the maintenance on a regular basis, with consideration to the type of equipment, its age and its use.

Our experienced technicians are considerate of your staff, and will liaise with them at all times to ensure that any maintenance is carried out when convenient and with a minimum of fuss. We’d be pleased to supply more information or an obligation-free maintenance proposal.

We have provided maintenance for some large chains including Premier League football clubs and the NHS. If you’re interested in our service give us a call on 0151 521 4476 or 07912 691 713.



air conditioning repairs liverpool

Starting off with air conditioning repairs in Liverpool Inviro Choice has quickly expanded to offering a national repair service in the UK, we now have air conditioning repair engineers based in most major cities including Liverpool, Newcastle, London and Manchester. We believe that when an air conditioning system is malfunctioning it needs to be fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible, without disturbing our customers. This means that even if a customer wants their air conditioning repaired at 3am we will do it!

We repair and service all types of air conditioning units including spilt, ducted, air/water cooled package units, and window type air conditioning units known as RAC. We are ready to assist our clients 24/7 all year round.

If you require our air conditioning repair service then please visit our CONTACT US page

mobile air conditioning liverpool

ICL has unsurpassed experience in renting temporary air conditioning equipment to commercial and domestic customers in the UK. We have mobile air conditioning units stored in most cities in the UK including Liverpool, London, Manchester and Newcastle, this means we can deliver our portable air conditioning units as soon as possible to wherever they’re needed.


Our air conditioning rental units provide temporary and contingency cooling services in a wide range of locations including offices, major business conferences, shops, schools and even premier league football clubs, wherever you need cooling we have a portable air conditioning unit that’s right for the job.

If you require our air conditioning rental service then please visit our CONTACT PAGE to contact us